! Reworked Tactical System [Battlefield] !

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Authors: 史黛拉芮丝の鼬子, USF星空守護者

Last revision: 28 Aug at 13:47 UTC

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<warring: non native English speaker, there may be translation errors>

2x system scale (while RSS is 6x)
Bigger solar system + smaller ship
The perfect balance between beautification and gameplay
Compatible with [real space] partly compatible with [giga more]
Ship behavior optimization, carrier computer overhaul (will try to kite the enemy)
Adaptive scripting will adapt the attributes to the scaled system
[framework] Not necessary, but it will provide the above adaptive script
Part of the [Immersive Space Battle Project]
Corporated weapon balance MOD click on the link

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Detailed description:

-Better to be used in conjunction with [real space]. The scale ratio of the system is changed to 2 times, while the Real Space Scale changes this ratio to 6 times.

-If you have subscribed to [Framework]:
①The firing range will be reduced to 50%, and the combat movement speed will be reduced to 25%
②The reduction in movement speed will only affect the battle, and the galaxy map cruising speed will not change.


①[Real Space-System Scale] is not compatible. All galaxy scaling mods and its sub-mods are not compatible. (rss provides 6 times bigger system, while this mod provides 2 times)
②[The Megastructres-compatibility mod of system scale mod] is not compatible. Most scale-compatibility mods are designed for rss 6x scale and cannot be used together with this mod.
③[Gigastructural Engineering & More] is basically compatible. This mod has a built-in 2.5x scale compatibility for giga megastructures, but there may be omissions (please mention in the bug feedback)
④[Warship Girl R mist] is partially compatible, especially for some of its giant structures.

Required items:

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