Rapid Evolution for 3.x

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Author: kuyan-judith

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Inspired by a suggestion by Marble in the Stellaris Modding Den, this mod does the following:

  • The frequency of pre-sapients in the galaxy will be proportional to the "Primitive Civilizations" game setting, with around 1 pre-sapient species per 5 primitive civilizations.
  • New pre-sapient species will sometimes spawn at random at a rate depending on the "Primitive Civilizations" game setting. This spawning rate will be lower where ecosystems are more degraded- tomb worlds and highly developed planets with weak environmental protections.
  • If Violent Beetle’s Primitive Worlds is also installed, Id Stage Hives will spawn in the same manner as presapients except at a lower rate and only on uncolonized planets
  • Pre-sapients will sometimes (mean time to happen 390 years per species) spontaneously evolve sapience. When this happens, they will:
    • lose their presapient trait, but gain some regular traits based on it
    • gain some random traits as well
    • if they were on a colony of a non-primitive empire, get a citizenship type based on the country’s pre-sapients policy
    • if they shared a planet with an existing primitive civilization, become serviles unless they had the "natural intellectuals" trait
    • if they are the only sapients on the planet, become a new stone aged primitive civilization
  • Rather than being limited to a small subset of portraits, pre-sapients can now have almost any portrait from vanilla except robotic portraits. Humanoid presapients in general will only spawn if the Humanoids DLC is active. The added presapient portraits are just the sapient ones minus clothes, so some are kind of ugly.
    • This does not include DLC-exclusice portraits (for the sake of legal compliance and not requiring extra DLC), but if you want those you can also download this mod

Thanks to my brother for testing this mod on Stellaris 2.6

This mod overwrites the following files and items from the base game and will be incompatible with other mods which overwrite any of the same things:


  • common/anomalies/97_anomaly_categories_Uplifts.txt


  • common/pop_jobs/05_primitive_jobs.txt

Scripted Effects:

  • set_primitive_age_effect

Species Classes:



  • uplift.6000
  • uplift.6010
  • uplift.6015
  • uplift.6020
  • uplift.6025
  • uplift.6030
  • uplift.6035
  • uplift.6040
  • uplift.6045
  • uplift.6050
  • uplift.6055
  • uplift.6060
  • uplift.6065
  • uplift.6070
  • uplift.6075
  • uplift.6080
  • uplift.6090
  • uplift.7520



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