Species Name to Nation Demonym

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Author: MrFunEGUY

Last revision: 21 May at 07:41 UTC

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I’ll be away until August 23rd. No support will be given until then.

This mod is intended to change most diplomatic text – and every other other instance where it makes sense – from calling you by your founding species name to instead calling your nation’s demonym.

I really hated that I would always be called ‘Human.’ It seemed really undiplomatic to me, especially when your empire has multiple species. Mechanical empires, as well as some certain AI types, along with other appropriate lines, will still use species names.

Biggest downside is there there is no way to implement a plural form (if you notice in the pic above, we for some reason don’t get a plural option for country demonym). Because of that, I recommend using a demonym that works for both the singular and plural.

I did all of the changes manually, reading the context to determine if it should be the demonym or species name. If you feel there are places where it should be changed, let me know.



Just make sure this mod is after any of these mods in your load order:

– More AI Personalities

– Dynamic Political Events

– More Events Mod


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This mod only changes some base game localisation files, so it should be compatible with just about everything. Only case where it won’t be is if other mods also change the localisation files I changed, but that’s fairly uncommon.