Advanced Space Production

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Authors: Agress0r, [EDAY] Rafomom

Last revision: 15 May at 14:41 UTC

File size: 15.35 MB

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Mod updated and optimized for version 3.0.* ✔️

Not achevement compatible ❌ and I do not give a guarantee for work with versions below 3.0

⚠️The mod is at the testing stage (I’m still adjusting the values of random and numbers), so any of your USEFUL feedback can be very important!⚠️

Briefly about ASP mod

A long time ago I wanted to improve some part of the game – this time it was space stations and space production in general. It seems to me that the developers paid enough little attention to this aspect, so there is room for action.

I planned to improve interaction with the stations, as well as to write unique buffs into them and not just numbers to increase the production of everything. Whether I succeeded or not – you decide already)

New Megastructures!

Other Features

✔️4 New technologies
✔️A dozen new events
✔️One new excavation
✔️New edicts and policies
✔️Good changes in the balance of mining stations

Future features

💢More unique events
💢Events related to science stations
💢Special projects that will be associated with megastructures
💢As thoughts arise, I will add to this list

Compatibility | Additional Information

💠 The mod can safely work with multiplayer
💠 Mod should be compatible with most other mods
💠 AI must also take full advantage of its benefits
💠 Mod does not change the base files of the game


At the moment, the mod has localization in the following languages:

  • Russian: Мод полностью переведён мною на русский язык
  • English: Mod is fully translated by me into English
  • Braz/Por: No translation / english placeholder
  • Chinese: No translation / english placeholder
  • French: No translation / english placeholder
  • German: No translation / english placeholder
  • Polish: No translation / english placeholder
  • Spanish: No translation / english placeholder