Awakened Empires: Rewritten

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Author: Harmonically_Impaired

Last revision: 4 May at 16:32 UTC (1)

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The Fallen and Awakened Empires have, for some time, become a bit lackluster to many players. They wait until endgame until they can awaken in most circumstances, their fleets although somewhat powerful aren’t exactly the best, and their civics, personality, and country limits quite frankly cripple them. This mod aims to, hopefully, return the Awakened Empires to their former glory while occasionally providing players an incentive to fight the Fallen Empires.

The Fallen Empires have gained additional armaments from their pasts, more than doubling the amount of ships in their starting fleets, as well as gaining up to 3 Fallen Titans to start with.

Awakened Empires have finally awakened their resource generators, able to sustain themselves for a much longer duration in theory. They also have gained a newfound imperialistic fire, building improvements over their decrepit buildings, becoming actually invested into their government, and now truly try to subjugate, or "protect", the rest of the galaxy.

Fear not however, for you have been given tools to fight back against the Awakened. Should a War in Heaven occur, the League of Non-Aligned Planets in particular has been given a major face lift in the form of a new (temporary) federation type with new federation perks. Homicidal empires have also managed to swallow their pride in the face of the Awakened, able to join the League although not start as its leader. Capturing one of the Fallen or Awakened empire’s core planets also will allow you to research new techs to help you as well.

-01_categories (federation law categories)

If a compatability patch is requested, it’ll be made eventually.


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