Espionage Extended <English ver.>

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Author: KBY1123

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이 버전은 영어권 친구들을 위한 영어버전 입니다
우리나라 사람들은 원래 모드를 받아주세요!

Hello, friends! With the help of my friend, I translated 95% of the event text!
The translation isn’t perfect, but it’ll be understandable to some extent.
Also, some content updates from the Korean version have been made!
First of all, a new Civic has been added!
[Shadow State]
I found that there were quite a few people who enjoyed the insidious spying country role-playing.
So I added this Civic specialized in espionage. It was inspired by TNO Burgundy (HOI4 mod).
It is made based on [Inward Perfection] civic. It cannot be eliminated in the middle of the game, and diplomatic options are limited. BUT this is not isolationism. Rather, you are actively trying to intervene to the galaxy in the dark.
So you can have the ‘Unrestricted War’ war philosophy, and you alse can have a rival.
You have to put at least one point both of in the Authoritarian and Xenophobe ethics to choose this Civic.
Basically, it can only be used in normal empires. But as an exception, if you have a ‘Criminal Heritage’ Civic, you can choose this too in Megacorp.
(This is a role-playing Civic that gives enormous benefits to espionage. The difficulty level is slightly high, so be careful.)
And a new Ascension Perk has been added!
[Galactic Plan]
This is a Ascension Perk that gives you a bonus for espionage operation. Basically, you have to choose two other perks first before you can choose this. But if you have [Shadow State] or [Criminal Heritage]Civics, you can choose it from the start!
Last, a new diplomatic Stance
This is also basically for [Shadow State] Civic only.
If you have [Shadow State] civic, You can ONLY use this one.
You’ll get a big bonus for espionage, but the cost of the claim and the decline in diplomatic relations due to border friction will be even greater.
But, If you have a [Criminal Heritage] civic, You can also choose this stance as well as an ‘Mercantile’ stance!
<<The newly added functions modify the diplomatic file.So there can be compatibility problems with some mods like StarnetAI. If you use such a mod, please leave a comment. I will upload the compatible patch as soon as possible!>>

And when the next update, I will bring new espionage operations.
Thanks for watching! Enjoy your espionage activities!
###This mod is the English translation version of my [Espionage Extended] mod.
###Many friends wanted the English version, so I uploaded it separately. However, I am working with the help of a web translator, so the result may not be perfect.
###I’ve completed the translation of the operation names, description and the names of the modifiers so far.
###However, the espionage event text has not been translated yet.
###I want to translate the rest of the parts in a few days.
###At least for now, the operation name and effect are translated, so you probably won’t have a big problem enjoying this mod.
###If you can help me with Korean-English translation, please contact me~

Adds a large number of tasks that can be performed in spy operations in this mod.
Below is a list of newly added operations.

[Steal Deep Technology-Physics]
[Steal Deep Technology-Society]
[Steal Deep Technology -Engineering]
[Trade Agreement Lobby]
[Encouraging Financial Crisis]
[Sabotage Resource Extraction]
[Strike Strategic Resource Stockpile]
[Dissemination Fake News]
[Support Anti-government Demonstration]
[Publicize War Crimes]
[Black Market Weapons Support]
[Induce Warship Accidents]
[Disturb Hyperlane Navigation System]
[Apply Aggressive Cracked Ciphers]
[Extending Aggressive Spy Networks]

Please refer to the in-game tooltip for detailed explanation!

In addition, there is a unique Ascension Operation that can only be used by empires that have achieved phase 2 of each Ascension type!
It appears on the list of operations when you gets a second-stage ascension perk. expensive and difficult but very powerful…

Also, AI sometimes conducts espionage operations to other empires because AI’s behavior patterns have been modified in this mod.

Please feel free to leave any bug and balance mentions in the comments here. I need your data 🙂

Required DLC:

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Stellaris: Nemesis

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