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Author: explodoboy

Last revision: 17 Mar at 08:12 UTC

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Advanced Ascension (Original Mod)
AA: English Overhaul (This Mod)

Now endorsed by the original mod’s maker!

Welcome to Advanced Ascension’s unofficial English localisation overhaul!

"What is a localisation overhaul", you may or may not be asking?

In this case, the AA localisation overhaul is a broad replacement for all the descriptions of the modified Ascension Perks with improved and more fluent English than the original mod. IT CHANGES NOTHING IN ACTUAL GAMEPLAY. Disclaimer: I don’t claim to have perfect english, in spelling, grammar, or writing skills.

This mod does NOTHING without its source mod, so make sure you subscribe one of the versions of Advanced Ascension (this mod should work with both versions to my knowledge.) when you also subscribe to this mod.

"Alright, but how IS this localisation patch better than the base mod?" you might be (but probably aren’t) asking, but I’ll answer it anyways, just to spite you.

The mod improves grammar, rebuilds some Ascension Perk descriptions to fit the mindset of its users, provide a sense of deeper meaning, and overall tries to make more sense (in the english language) than the base mod (not that the original mod’s bad, i obviously wouldn’t be making this without the excellent mod that is AA in the first place.)

Here’s some samples of my writing.

"Arms Race" (Galactic Force Projection tier 2)
"The galaxy is a dangerous place. Threats rise from every corner of this universe, with the sole purpose of ending our stories here and now. We must strengthen ourselves, so that we cannot be pushed down. We won’t go back into the cold, quiet night."

"Demiurge" (Master Builders tier 2)
"This world is flawed; imperfect. It won’t suit our needs for long. If we are to survive across deep time, we must build our legacy to be incomprehensibly wide and deep. We’re building a better universe."

"Subjugation of Nature"
"Nature is just another obstacle in our endless conquest for perfection. It may have stood the test for countless eons, but once the lights die out, we will be there at the end of the universe and all time. As we turn off the lights and close the door to the universe on our way out, we can say: "We’ve stood the test of time.""

Did that convince you? No? Alright, then! Feel free to not use this patch! Still not satisfied with that? Feel free to make your own!

Oh, and one last thing, feel free to hound me for any mistake in grammar, spelling, and/or flow. I want for this patch to be as great as it can be, so I greatly appreciate criticism, suggestions, and vile, vitriolic insults.

Thanks, and have fun!

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