Stargate Universe Reborn

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Authors: Avatar, Seph

Last revision: 5 May at 12:20 UTC (1)

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Stargate Universe

Total Conversion MOD. Compatible with 3.0
Without Asgard ships that got the mod banned the last time.

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This mod adds:
Origins, Traits, Buildings, Edicts, Decisions,Technologies, Ships, Modules, Events and more.


Ancient: high tech, can achieve Ascension and use ascended powers

Asuran: can use most ancient tech but cannot ascend

Asgard: needs Cloning Project decision to grow, strong economy

Ori: requires Megacorp for full functionality, gains extra psionic energy from branch officies, can Ascend and use ascended powers

Tau’ri: can acquire the Aurora, Atlantis and Asgard tech. Atlantis can be upgraded twice with ZPM

Wraith: needs Cloning Project decision to grow like the asgard but more growth, can get Superhive

Goa’uld: automatically converts pops into Jaffa, best for aggressive playstyle

Jaffa: Dakara Superweapon can wipe out all planets with unprotected stargate

Nox: high stability planets, unique Paradise planet, can Ascend and use ascended powers

Replicator: high assembly speed, Work In Progress

Traveler: Work In Progress

Lucian: increased trade value, smuggler jobs, Work In Progress

Choosing an Origin will provide a unique starting system and lock the species trait. The trait can be seleced alone and it is the deciding factor to unlock technologies and other features for each race.
Creating empires with only the trait but not the corresponding Origin can be useful if you want to spawn more of a given race. (Each Origin is 1 per game so it will block additional spawns of the same)

Ship sets in the mod: Ancient, Tau’ri, Wraith and Goa’uld (downscaled ships compatibility included)


How can i set the species to spawn in my games?
-You click on the predifined SG races and click on save. Then you can set the bird to always spawn.
-Create your own races. The racial trait itself unlocks all research and stuff for that race.

Why cant it just spawn without me doing something?
-Because paradox decided it would be fun if predefined races had their spawn options set in stone.

Why didnt you set them to force spawn by default so i dont have to click so many times?
-Because it would not be possible to turn them off if i did. I prefer people having a say in what they want to do.

What DLCs do i need?
-Utopia for Wraith (need hive mind authority)
-Synthetic Dawn for Replicator and Asuran (need machine authority)

I can pick their trait even if i dont have the DLC. So why do i need any DLC?
-Because traits only unlock things I added to the game. Unfortunately some races use DLC content to funtion properly.

Can I spawn more of each race?
-Only if you choose the trait without the Origin. Traits can be picked several times while Origins are one per each.
Traits are what ultimately unlock all content. Origins only unlock starting system and unique Civic

Files Overwritten

All pop faction types
All vanilla and swarm ship templates
Most technology files
Most pop_job files


–SGI team from sins of a solar empire who created all the models and Frstwlf for importing them into stellaris. <3
-Dolynick for creating ship textures. Originals are found in SoaSE: Stargate Races
-Chickenhunt for his advanced projectiles (
-tommythunderbolt for additional sound files
-LeethalGambits’s Stargate weapons with sound and more
-SoG-Geongeon’s Stargate Emblems Pack (only used few emblems from this mod)
-Expanded Colours [144 Colours] by Veegi
-Goa’uld and Jaffa portraits by tushjd
-City sets by twink

Other mods you can use instead of SGU

In case you are running other mods that conflict with SGU but want to have the portraits:
This mod is NOT compatible with Stargate Universe!


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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Utopia
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
Stellaris: MegaCorp
Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack

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