Psionic Species Expansion

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Author: jasonpepe

Last revision: 11 Jun at 12:25 UTC (5)

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PSE extends the playstyle of Psionic Empire!

For Stellaris version 3.0.
Require Utopia DLC for fully content.





namespace = pse
global_flag = has_pse_started

  • Not achievement compatible.
  • One vanilla file was edited: main_bottom.gui, any mods that alter it might cease the display of mini bar.

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Why does this mod appear?

Many people noticed that the psionic ascension, compared to biological and synthetic paths, is far inferior to the other two since 2.2.
One is population matters everything for resources, the other is psionic lacks of unique elements to play with, besides the RNG Shroud.

Here comes to mind: What if a psionic empire can use the power of its people to do something great that biological and synthetic cannot do?


What does it do?
  • When your species display the sign of psionic, you gain access to cast the power of psionics.
    There 2 conditions of access are:

    1.Has Psionic Theory, and primary species has latent psionic or psionic trait

    2.Ruler is Chosen One

  • New resource – Psionic Power, which generates a certain amount (and other factors) every month. Used to cast the Power.
    The amount of Psionic Power you can hold heavily relies on your psionic pops, pops with telepath job, ruler and technologies.
  • There are 28+15 powers to cast. Each Power requires a different amount of Psionic Power to perform. Several of them are locked behind the conditions.
    There could be more in the future but no guarantee – Powers need to be valuable and fun enough to play with.
  • Think twice before you recklessly cast the powers. Corruption grows by casting powers.
    The only Power to reduce it is Purification, and you do not want that to go beyond the scale.
  • Zro plays an essential role in this mod – can be used to reduce the threshold of power.
    Or use them to increase the production of psionic pops.
  • Chosen One can aid their power for the empire if they are Ruler.
    These powers are exclusive for Chosen One and can only be performed with their help.
  • By forming the covenant with one of the Shroud entites, you gain access the related powers.
  • Add 10 new technologies, 3 edicts, all related to psionics.


  • Avoid using the psionic menu when operating other businesses like planetary view, commanding ships – as the UI mod checks whether the scope is country all the time.
    It won’t break the mod but will refuse to function until then.
  • You can have Psionic Power more than the bar can display (300).
  • Hive Mind, Machine Empire may access the feature as long as they have Psionic traits, but such you need related mod to let that happen.
  • Lots of effort on AI, so they can handle the mod features without any drawback.
  • AI can access the Shroud properly with this mod.
  • This mod mainly focuses on species with psionic power, instead of new buildings, structures, weapons or ships.


Current Localisation
  • English (Improved by SableDrake, kreon )
Warning: Localisation of this mod could be unbearable to read as it is non-native translated.


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