Zer0’s Infinity Stones 3.0

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Author: Zer0

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As soon as I saw the relic system for Stellaris, I knew I had to add the Infinity Stones as relics! I wanted to implement each of the six stones into the game in a way that they still felt like they were from Stellaris, however, were slightly more powerful than the vanilla relics. The 3.0 version of the mod is an upgrade of the original I uploaded just after the release of Ancient relics, including all the updates I made to the original and brand new features and integrations to the new federation and galactic community features and now integration into the new intel and espionage system!

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Adds eight new relics into the game, with six new star systems to receive seven of the relics in and one new technology. Six of the relics are the Infinity Stones, one is the Infinity Gauntlet, and the last one is a secret.
All the information about the relics and other features of the mod can be found on the Readme below. I’ve also linked other helpful documents and videos I’ve created below:

Q. Can the AI get the Stones, use the Stones and can you get the Stones from the AI?
A. Yes the AI can get the stones, and they will prioritize using the stones over most relics. The AI can use the gauntlet well and will use it to use multiple stones at the same time.

Q. How can I get the stones?
A. Please see the first section on the readme document here[docs.google.com]

Q. Can you add X/Does the mod do X/How do I do X?
A. The README document [docs.google.com] contains everything you need to know about the current state of the mod and all future plans. Before you ask any questions or make any suggestions, please read the document.

Q. How do I change the game options mid-game?
A. The Options menu can be opened via an edict. This menu will not open in multiplayer.

Q. Can I spawn in the stones with commands?
A. No need for a command, I’ve added a menu for cheating. If you open the options menu using the edict, you can enable cheats and then you can use an edict to open the cheat menu.

Q. Aren’t the Stones a bit OP/weak?
A. Most of the Stones effects are similar to the vanilla relics (e.g. The Power Stone and Reality Stones effects are both taken from base game relics) the only difference being they are cheaper to activate and some of the cooldowns are shorter. Numbers can and will always be tweaked based on feedback so if you feel something is too strong/weak, let me know.

Q. I found a bug/mod is broken/X is spelt wrong!
A. If you find any issues, report them on my Discord[discord.gg]. It’s easier to diagnose issues and give feedback via discord so I’d prefer if any problems were reported on the discord.

Q. Fallen empires hate me and are now ruining my game!
A. You can disable Fallen Empire relations in the options menu.

  • You do not need any DLC to use this mod
  • The colossi from Apocalypse, in theory, could break the mod by destroying a relic site; however, this is your fault as an AI will not do this.
  • Is multiplayer compatible.
  • Isn’t Ironman compatible 😉
  • Save game compatible! (You can use the cheat menu to spawn in relic systems)

Please sent any bugs you find or any feedback you have on my Discord[discord.gg]. Please send any suggestions you have there as well.

If you are going to post a bug report, please give a detailed report of what happened and any other mods you are using at the time. (screenshots would be nice too)

I’ve not gonna beg for money to support this mod, I made this mod for myself in my free time and it’s going to continue to be updated regardless. However, any money received will go straight back into the development of this mod, and other mods I develop, either for use paying for assets or allowing me to take an hour or 2 off work a month to work on my mods.

Thanks to PhilippSilver for translating the mod into Russian!

Thanks to Laevatain II for translating the mod into Chinese!


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Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.