Playable Fallens ALT 2.8

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Author: Laneer

Last revision: 27 Feb at 11:32 UTC (2)

File size: 6.8 MB

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Based on Twink’s Playable Fallen Empires, but rebuilt from the ground up.

AKA: Less fluff and more compatible.

– Start as a Fallen Empire.
HOWTO: Select a Fanatic ethic or Gestalt, then select the Empire in Decline and Lethargic Leadership civics.
Don’t worry if you picked machine, the event will swap them out for the appropriate civics.
Hives are currently not supported.

– "Small" 5-year modifier to help setup your desired FE position.

– Edict to Awaken, or… become a regular empire.
Previously had a requirement for a default empire to be strong enough, was too confusing to new users. Awaken when it seems appropriate.

– Partial compatibility with ethic-adding mods (the mod will work, it just isn’t made for them)

– FE City sets and Ship types are selectable. (If you’re playing with mods that already do this, there will be some duplicates.)

Tested with 2.8, please notify of any problems.
Playable Fallen Empire Extension – Non Fallen Empire Graphics
Elder Race Origin

Overwrites minimum ethic points, nothing else


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.