Subterranean Origin

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Subterranean Origin Mod that was submitted for the #MODJAM2020.

This mod’s origin mechanics are heavily based around planet modifiers. You start out with a planet with a rank V subterranean modifier that gives +25 housing, +10 max districts, +15% Engineering Research from jobs, and -15% Orbital Bombardment Damage. Additionally, you start with the technology to "build" subterranean habitation on other worlds. This is done through a chain of 5 planetary decisions that progressively provide an increased planetary modifier. It starts out by giving +5 housing and +2 max districts at rank I and ramps up from there. Each stage takes 5 years to complete; which means to reach rank V on a planet it will take 25 game years.

Highlights of the origin:
  • A building chain that gives 2/4/7 speleologist jobs (+12 engineering research for 2 alloys)
  • (+1 other researcher job at T2/3)
  • A planetary decision chain that scales up giving +25 housing, +10 max districts, +15% engineering research from jobs, and -15% orbital bombardment damage at the price of +25% district upkeep
  • A new ascension perk that allows you to create tier V subterranean planets and grants access to four mutually exclusive planetary decisions.
  • Planets with a rank V subterranean modifier have access to special mutually exclusive planetary decisions that allows you to customize a colony (requires "Subterranean Mastery" Ascension Perk):
    • Military Focus: -25% Orbital Bombardment Damage, +1 Solder job per 25 pops, District Upkeep +25%
    • Industry Focus: +15% Minerals from jobs, +1 Crystal Miner job per 25 pops, District Upkeep +25%
    • Agriculture Focus: +15% Food from jobs, +1 Mote Harvester job per 25 pops, District Upkeep +25%
    • Geothermal Focus: +15% Energy from jobs, +1 Gas Extractor job per 25 pops, District Upkeep +25%
  • Applying a focus takes 1 year and removing a focus takes half a year. This means to switch between focuses it will take a planet 2.5 years.
  • There is also a planetary decision that allows a rank III-V subterranean planet to devote a district slot and 5 housing in order to get +10000 empire resource storage. This is a toggle decision.
  • Archaeologist Protocols: An empire edict that reduces minerals from jobs by 10%, increases upkeep of speleologist job upkeep by +5 energy, and speleologists now generate 0.05 minor artifacts per month.
  • Other empires can take the "Mastery of Nature" Ascension Perk to unlock access to the subterranean system that has been built above. This Ascension Perk adds the subterranean technologies to the empire’s technology rolls.
  • There is also a thematically appropriate variant of this origin for Gestalt empires.


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