Leviathans: Rewritten

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Author: Harmonically_Impaired

Last revision: 24 Dec, 2020 at 20:13 UTC

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The Leviathans are among the strongest creatures to exist in the void, and often times have unique, valuable treasures. But, often times, they fall relatively easily before midgame and are easy to plan against, making them somewhat boring to deal with. So, I decided to make almost each Leviathan much stronger and have a unique mechanic that makes planning against them much less predictable. Have fun!

Note: Only affects Leviathans from the DLC of the same name. Also includes changes to the War in Heaven.

-No longer will the Curators say you might be strong enough to take a certain Leviathan! Instead, they may give a free tip on how to deal with them.
-Ether Drakes impose their reality on our own, nullifying penetrating weapons in the system they are in.
-The Automated Dreadnought has had major shifts in its submission protocols, allowing for infinite captures and the ability for non-player empires to capture it. It’s also become more agreeable to upgrades…
-If allowed to reactivate, the Enigmatic Fortress will be very angry for a few months!
-Bugfixes and more!
-All changes listed in the changelog.

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Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack