Matrioshka World

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Author: p0xus

Last revision: 14 Jan at 01:25 UTC (2)

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The idea for this mod (and graphics) are from this video:

A Matrioshka World is a planet, like Earth, covered by concentric spheres, with each sphere adding another effective planet surface.

What this mod does is add a technology that will appear in your Engineering tree after you research Mega Engineering. You will also need the Mastery of Nature ascension perk to enact the planetary decision to begin construction on the Matrioshka World Sphere.

Each sphere you construct will add the following equations worth of district slots:

((PlanetSize/50)*Which Sphere is being built (starting at 1 and going up by 1)) + PlanetSize

Resources slots added are found by:

DistrictSlotsAdded/3 (rounded up)

Each sphere construction site will have a one-time cost of:

100 influence
5000 energy
10000 alloys
20000 minerals

Build time is determined by the following formula:

9000(0.8^x)+360, x being the sphere being constructed (starting at 0 and going up by 1 each sphere)(and with the first being 9000 – not 9360 as the formula would indicate)

This means that the first construcion will take 9000 days (25 years), with each following construcion taking less time – leveling off at 360 days to complete.

During construction of the FIRST sphere, there will be a deposit added to the planet with the following cost per month:

50 alloys, 100 energy, and 200 minerals.

These costs increase the more spheres you build. This is determined by the following process:

The following formula is first used to determine an increase factor:

1.3^x (x being the sphere under construction, starting at 0 – going up by 1)

Then, that increase factor is then multiplied by the following for each of the 3 resources:
Energy = 100
Alloys = 50
Minerals = 200

After that, a cap on how high those numbers can go is set:

Max Energy (per month) = 10000
Max Alloys (per month) = 5000
Max Minerals (per month) = 20000

This cap is hit on the 19th sphere construction.

There is a limit on how big this can go: 10,000 district slots added, or 1,000 spheres constructed. This limit is so large, I suspect nobody will hit it. If they do, they may experience bugs, but I tried to mitigate this.

Any suggestions on balance or other changes to the mod are welcome.

—Change Log—
2.1 – Changed build time to be variable and rebalanced construction deposit upkeep
2.0 – Overhaul of most backend mechanics
1.1 – Updated build time from 1 day to the intended 3600 days
1.0 – Initial release


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.