Space Greeks and Romans

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Author: Saruman

Last revision: 16 Jan, 2020 at 12:43 UTC (1)

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As you know, Roman namelist was added to Stellaris a long time ago. However, Roman portraits were not added to the game, and I decided to fix it. I present two sets of portraits, Roman and Greek, very similar, but nevertheless having major differences. Also five new prescripted empires were added to the game:

-Res Publica Prometheia, based on a hybrid of the Roman Republic, the Rebellion of Spartacus and Soviet Russia

-Hehemony of Lacedaemon, based on Sparta

-Imperium Aurelium, based on the Roman Empire of the Principate era

-Union of Minervania, based on Athens

-Aigaian Empire, based on ancient Macedonia.

The randomly generated empires of space Greeks and Romans may also appear in the game.

Ironman versions:
Space Romans:
Space Greeks:

Recommended Mods:
Historiae Culturis – better namelists
Astronomical Emblem Pack – historical emblems


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