Scientist Level Extension

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Author: jasonpepe

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SLE makes your scientist folks to the next level!

For Stellaris version 2.3.



Standalone, no vanilla files altered.
namespace = sls
global_flag = sls_started

*This mod makes every effort in order not to block scientists from gaining traits during their assignment.
Normally they can’t gain more than 3 traits, this mod adjusted it.

This mod

*Savegame Compatible.
*NOT Achievement Compatible.
*Has build-in support with the following mods:

Why this mod appear?

For a long time, scientists seems too flat for the moment, literally every time people usually go find "Spark of Genius" scientists with high skills, because of flat Research Speed is a king above all.
( And let’s not forget those who gained Substance Abuser during their brave survey missions, be proud of their accomplishment pal, good for him/her )
So here we are!

What is this?

This mod add the following traits for every Scientists in game:

  • Survey Corps:
    There’re 9 Survey Corps for scientist folks. These "Survey" Corps give Empire’s research points or resources when your Scientists are doing that, just like "Databank Uplinks" before it changes.
    And some of these are quite useful but fulled with requirement.
    *Note: Should the leader was leading research sometimes ago, their Survey Corps will have no effect until the next year.
  • Research Corps:
    Your Scientists aren’t some soft of ordinary leaders, they have their own area – Expertise area traits are a thing in this mod now.
    Every scientists has one Research Corps, but it will remain as "locked" or "unobtained" at first.
    Once their skill level reached to 5, their Research Corps can be unlocked to their related expertise researches, providing more than "Flat +10% Research Speed" bonus.
    As long as scientists with their own Research Corps are leading research, your Empire will gain handly Empire-wide bonus.
    *Note: Research Corps bonus will apply at beginning of the year.
  • 3 Research Field Level Bar:
    Physics, Society, Engineering.
    Level from 0 to 10, just like my mods such as "Ruler Level System" or "Admiral Level Skills".
    They determined how good your Scientists are, when they’re leading research at corresponded area.
    These 3 status are decided by their own species and leader traits ( Expertise traits, Spark of Genius, etc.).
    *Note: Research Field Level Bar bonus will apply at beginning of the year.


Known Bugs
  • There’s a vanilla bug that Assigned Scientists sometimes will copy themselves, enable them to overwork, also making their Research Corps and Research Field Level Bar become no effect. No one knows why it happen. The only way to solve this bug is to delete your duplicated scientist(s).

    Let’s hope Paradox ppl can eventually fix this very bug since version 1.0…

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Let me know if you find any of them!
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