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Authors: Auri Sariel, PekiCodex, Montana

Last revision: 4 Jun at 16:28 UTC

File size: 448.8 MB

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Species mod of the PC/Mobile gacha game GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

This mod specifically is fixed, updated and slightly altered version of Montanas mod which he gave us the permission to take over and keep it updated!

– Nikke organic species with 147 female portraits and 10 male portraits, all portraits are separated properly based on their gender so for example you wont have a female portrait be tagged male etc etc.
– Rapture machine species with 33 portraits
– Nikke loading screens

NOTE: If you prefer not to use male portraits, you can assign the Female Only gender in the Species Name tab.

I hope you all enjoy this mod and leave any suggestions or opinions in the comments. If you like the mod consider giving it a thumbs up. Thank you!

– 04.06.24 – Added 4 new female portraits for the Nikke species and 1 new loading screen.
– 26.05.24 – Fixed pop portraits in "Jobs" section.
– 21.05.24 – Added male portraits into the mod. Changed default portrait.