Strengthening basic disciplines program

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Author: Blorg

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Strengthening basic disciplines program

In-game English supported, this intro is translated by chatGLM-4, you got what I’m trying to say.

Feature Introduction:

– Added the "Strengthening basic disciplines program" resolution to the capital to open the menu.
– Recruits level 4 (and occasionally level 5, with double the cost) leaders by spending 500 energy coins and 500 cohesion.
– Unlike other mods like "Galaxy University," which select specific leaders based on a single trait, I have classified leaders into three major categories as the primary classification.
– Each type of major category has four optional specialization directions as the secondary classification, and then I combine them to create leaders with specialized purposes based on different actual uses.
– For example, choosing "Administrator-Industry Specialist-Alloy Proficiency"; you will get an administrator with "Scavenger II," "Metallurgy Proficiency I," and "Resource Distribution Planning I." If you have the Prospector’s Union, you will also receive the "Prospector" trait; you can then send this administrator directly to your alloy planet.
– This way, everyone can directly obtain a leader who specializes in one task when choosing a leader.

Because I simply do not have the energy to write introductions for each preset specialization, after you recruit a leader, an "Interview in Progress" event will appear, and the leader will already be in your leader pool. You can use this opportunity to check if the preset I wrote meets your requirements (there may be misunderstandings, etc.). If it meets your expectations, choose "Interview Passed" to keep the leader; if it does not meet your expectations, choosing "Interview Failed" will deduct 10% of the energy coins you just paid, and the rest of the recruitment funds will be returned. Or you can choose "Need More" to return to the recruitment interface to hire multiple leaders of the same subclass in succession.

In the menu, there is an additional "Enhanced Training" option that brings some benefits to the leaders.
– Retraining: Provides an experience pool based on the game year and whether it is in the mid-to-late game events. The experience pool will be allocated to leaders within the selected range according to their level and weighted distribution.
– Vice Prevention: Reduces the maximum number of negative traits for leaders, but the price increases sharply with repeated use.
– Vice Correction: Clears negative traits for leaders within the selected range.
– Management Optimization: Increases the maximum number by 1 and the experience growth by 10% for a single type of leader, but the price increases sharply with repeated use, and the number of uses is calculated collectively across three fields.

Under the "Leader Type" category, there is an "Support Project" option.
– Spending a small amount of resources will transform a level 4 or above leader into a unit of energy, which can then be consumed to recruit a leader for free once.
– Thus, in the early stages, you can freely choose the traits that suit the current situation for your leaders, and then cultivate them to level 4 or above at a low cost, allowing you to replace them with specialized leaders within this mod.

"We need to select talented individuals with a strong desire to serve the country’s major strategic needs and outstanding comprehensive qualities."

Known Bugs:

None at the moment.

Future Plans:

1. Add services for Gestalt.


– Added a menu to recruit leaders based on their purpose.
– Added the "Enhanced Training" option.
– Added the "Support Project" option.

Compatibility Note:

This mod modifies the following files, and any mod that intersects with them may conflict:


Do you think the presets I’ve written are not good enough or do you have new ideas? You can easily create a sub-mod for this mod to add your own presets and let everyone use them together.
Next, I will explain the standards you should follow.
This mod is divided into namespace = sbdp interface flow event sets and namespace = sbdpe execution event sets.
If you want to add a new category, add new subclasses in sbdp following the rule that each level has an additional number.
Example: To add a category under "Commander," you can write sbdp.12x, where x >= 5 (because there are already 4 other categories).
If you want to add a new preset under an existing category, add a leader creation event in sbdpe with a counting number one more than the sbdp event ID that activates it.
But don’t forget to activate the interview event after creating the leader to facilitate player refunds or hiring another one.
Example: To add a preset under "Commander-Army Commander," you can write sbdpe.122x and then call sbdpe.122