NGS – Ethics and Civics Variant

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Author: Ever Universe

Last revision: 9 Jun at 12:25 UTC

File size: 2.31 MB

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Stellaris version 3.12.4 – English only – NOT achievement compatible

This mod is a standalone variant of the original New Galactic System that has been modified to be compatible with Ethics and Civics: Bug Branch.

Full description is available under the main mod.

For any bugs or feature requests, feel free to comment within the comments section or within one of the dedicated discussion threads. Some issues are to be expected due to the mod being in its early versions.


NGS, Galactic community resolutions, new resolutions, authoritarian/xenophobe/xenophile resolutions, level 6 resolutions, level 4 sanctions, Galactic Community ++, Galactic Community Expanded (GCE), ethics, Ethics and Civics, Bug Branch

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: Nemesis
Stellaris: Federations
Required items:

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