Azurlane(3.12) more portraits

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Author: umaya309

Last revision: 5 Jun at 20:25 UTC

File size: 1.57 GB

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上記MODに最新の画像 約560件を追加


(JP->EN by DeepL)
Added about 560 latest images to the above mod.
Reflects all transparent images available on the official Wiki as of 2024-06-05.

If the original mod creator requests, we will remove them.

The following methods can be applied to other race leaders such as paragons

(1) 下記のリンクから対象のPortrait IDを確認
Check the following link for the target Portrait ID

(2) リーダーを選択した状態でコンソールを開き下記のeffectコマンドを入力
With the leader selected, open the console and enter the following effect command

effect change_leader_portrait = [PortraitID]

If you want to apply it to all races including AI, please use the following mods