Population growth reduction rebalanced

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Author: Ignat001

Last revision: 5 Jun at 11:09 UTC

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This modification makes it so that population growth slows down not with the population of your entire empire, but each planet individually. This makes start slower, but makes creating colonies in mid to late game not useless. To compensate for such rebalance, pop scaling factor is 10 times more from default vanilla settings: 2.5 percent per pop.

Mod is intended to use with setting "Growth Required Scaling" set to zero.

Currently localized only in Russian & English. If you were to help with translating the mod to your language, it would be awesome!

If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, please, tell me.

This mod, as any other that changes internal mechanics of the game, is not achievement compatible.
Must be compatible with any other mods since no vanilla files were harmed.