Better Crystal Plating for NSC3

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Author: Felalot

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This mod changes how Crystal Plating works. Instead of being a utility slot it now works as an aux slot which apllies Crystal Infusion/Forging to armor, giving the ship extra hull points for each armor component present on the ship. For example, corvette with 3 armor components and crystal infused plating (which gives 75 hull for each armor component) will give 225 additional hull to the ship. The hull increase from crystal plating scales with the size of armor, so, for example on cruisers with medium slots armor it will give 150 hull per armor component. IMPORTANT: It will not show the added hull hp in ship designer, but it will be added once you construct the ship.
Also Crystal Infused/Forged Plating is now researchable even without Crystaline Entities. Crystal Plating is a tier 2 technology available after researching any rare crystal production technology, Crystal Forging is a tier 4 rare technology which can be researched after researching Crystal Plating.
Armor values have been rounded up for easier counting, armor upkeep now is purely in alloys not energy&alloys (in vanilla it actually has more energy upkeep than shields). Added tooltips showing armor upkeep of each armor component. Dragon armor has the same alloy cost as Neutronium armor but has additional small living metal cost (comparable to psi shields zro cost).

Hull increase per S, M and L armor component:
Crystal Infusion: 75, 150, 300
Crystal Forging: 150, 300, 600

Will not work with new types of armor or ship types from different mods (by not working I mean what crystal plating will not show up on new ship types as an option, and you will not get extra hull points from new armor types)
Compatible with other Better mods

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