Cosmogenesis world auto refuel

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Author: Blorg

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Cosmogenesis world auto refuel

In-game English supported, this intro is translated by chatGLM-4, you got what I’m trying to say.

Feature Introduction:

– Automatically fills the selected planets and population with people according to the set desired value into the Synaptic Condenser, with the forced migration cost displayed as an edict maintenance fee.
– To prevent frequent scanning of planets and people from causing stuttering, the filling process occurs approximately every three months (with a random value to avoid stuttering at the beginning of the month and when a large number of other events are detected at the same time), and the number of people transferred in one go does not exceed 50.

Selection Criteria Preview:

1. Desired number of neural chips
– You can set the number of people you expect to stay in the Synaptic Condenser. The mod will periodically try to fill the Synaptic Condenser with people up to this desired value.

2. Population selection range
– Main population of this tribe: The first species chosen at the start, excluding second species created through symbiosis and other creations.
– Full citizenship population: The population set as "full citizenship" in the species power settings.
– Working population: Any population working in any form, including livestock.
– Population engaged in high-level work: Population with the current job as "Expert" or "Ruler," to avoid pulling away populations that produce alloys or rare resources.

3. Planet selection range
– In the core star domain: All planets within the star domain where the capital is located.
– Artificial planets: Artificial planets such as habitation stations, ring worlds, or Ideal Cities, where important resources are usually produced and where it is not advisable to pull away the population.
– The remaining population is too small: The mod will pull away the last person in the colony, causing the colony to be abandoned. If you don’t want this to happen, enable this option to ensure that each colony at least keeps one person.
– Completed construction planets: Planets with no empty zoning or no empty building slots. Completed construction planets are expected to continue operating normally at the last moment.

Note: This mod will forcefully migrate a maximum of 50 people to the Synaptic Condenser every three months. Clearly, this is not enough to fill the Synaptic Condenser, which consumes 100 people per month when operating at full capacity. It is also impossible to make up for such a large population consumption with population growth, unless special methods are used. Therefore, I still prioritize the gaming experience of more players, trying to reduce the frequency of scanning planets and people, and reducing the number of people transferred in one go to reduce stuttering.

Free your hands and have a blast in the Paradox mad DLC!

Known Bugs:

None at the moment.

Future Plans:

None at the moment.


– Added the automatic filling system.

Compatibility Note:

This mod modifies the following files, and any mod that intersects with them may conflict: