Miqo’te portraits (Final Fantasy XIV)

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Author: Terminator™

Last revision: 12 May at 20:45 UTC

File size: 127.84 MB

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This is adoption of Earlynn’s mod – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=812756754
Since author declared mod as dead and i’m the one who added mi’qote name list for it – i cannot let this kittens to go astray.
For now it is just a quick fix to get it running again.

1) Fix for Emperor’s name that is often void.
2) Revise (and somehow expand) namelist and predefined mi’qote nations names.
3) Evaluate current syntethic ascension system from this mod regarding machine age changes.

Автор, к сожалению, забросил старый мод. В свое время я писал для мода список имен, поэтому решил мод "подобрать". Пока что мелкие правки, чтобы мод работал на текущей версии.