Mercenary Megacorp Fixed

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Author: HiddenSquid

Last revision: 1 May at 12:23 UTC

File size: 1.06 MB

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Fixed version of the mod Mercenary Megacorp by Juhius

This is my first released object on the workshop if you have any suggestions just write a comment.
(i will not change the base functions provided by the original author)

added mercenary enclave cap to civics and council positions

def :
+1 Merc enclave
council : starbase building build speed +1% and military ship upkeep cost -1% per lvl
merc :
+2 Merc enclave
council : naval cap +1% and military ship speed +1% per lvl

you will get the other infos about this mod only from the original author 😉

Thanks for your approval to fix this mod and your work Juhius!