Truly Shared Burdens

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Author: Electrochemical Alchemist

Last revision: 18 Mar at 05:13 UTC

File size: 3.9 MB

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Greetings, comrades of all species!

Are *you* tired of your communist utopia still having rulers?

Is your revolutionary process stuck in the stage right before communism is finally achieved?

Does that stupid yellow triangle just really bother you?

Well I have the solution for you!

Truly Shared Burdens replaces every ruler job with a specialist equivalent, adjusting balance when necessary. It also replaces the galactic stock market with a Distribution Hub, to remove not just the bourgeoisie but capital itself!

Enforcers have also been replaced (no communism cops) with Arbiters! Their goal is to resolve disputes between people, ensuring they recieve the resources they need, and defending them from any counter-revolutionary activity!

Lastly, I enabled the mutual aid policy for governments with the shared burdens civic- not sure why this wasn’t in vanilla but there you go, now I think you can truly build space communism!

This is my first serious mod and I had to take a break when modding, so please tell me about any bugs or issues. I also had to modify the 00_capital_buildings.txt file, this will be incompatible with any mods that do the same but should be compatible with most mods! (Just put this one below other mods that modify the same buildings, otherwise you’ll still get rulers)

Now go out there and build the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communist dream!