Handful of policies

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Author: Big Bubba

Last revision: 19 Feb at 23:03 UTC

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Welcome to the Handful Of Politics – Alpha

What is this mod for?

This mod that affects internal policies of your state for more flexible state settings. The mod focuses on the vanilla version of the game and its values and tries to connect the new policies with each other as much as possible through a system of conditions. I want to create an advanced and living government and population system that responds to player’s actions and decisions in the most immersive possible way.

New Policy System

More than twenty new policies, divided into five sections:

  • Military Laws
  • Economy Laws
  • Science Laws
  • Social Laws
  • Governmental Laws

Each one of them affects your state in some kind of way as well as changes the effects of certain jobs types. For example, now clerks, working as befits social gears, reduce the amount of work on the planet depending on their number, as well as the active policy of the infrastructure budget (also some politics have unique options for certain civics and ethics and this list will grow). This leads to another change.

Revamped pop jobs

Many vanilla and modded (see below) jobs were revamped to match new policies. Soldiers increase army build speed on a planet depending on conscription policy, bureaucrats decrease empire size depending on bureaucratic budget policy and so on. At the moment 10 jobs are modified with new scripts to give additional dynamic effects, these are:

  • Bureaucrat
  • Clerk
  • Researcher
  • Head Researcher
  • Medic
  • Artisan and metallurgist (and their alternatives)
  • Miner
  • Soldier
  • Politician (and alternatives)

This list will also grow as the concept will develop.

Dynamic Population and Industry Trace

The population of your empire won’t just work as they worked if you change a few laws. At the moment there are 15 new different social blockers which will appear as a reaction to some kind of deficit, will it be lack of housing, lack of amenities or crime increase.

At the same time population now may or may not support your rule widely. Depending on overall happiness of your citizens they might grant you a buff to influence production and gov ethics attraction or similar debuff if you wrong them.

Industry too won’t be harmful anymore for everyone except ruthless industrialists. Depending on your industrial regulation laws and there is now a chance for an industrial planets to have negative eco blockers.

Changing Structure

As the star power grows, it cannot rely on the old management methods, as they become ineffective and cumbersome. Therefore, at certain points in time, the power will need major reforms designed to review and rebuild certain areas of its functioning. At the moment, 4 reforms are presented in 2 stages each: military, administrative, scientific, social. Of course you can ignore those problems but would you want to? Also depending on your choices through the reform you can change the final result, should it give different bonuses depending on what ethics you have.

Minor Tweaks

Some quality of line changes like making policy and species policy change have 2 years cooldown, MASSIVE diplo weight from fleet reduction because screw you militaristic empires with swollen diplo weight because of fleets and fleets alone. Also diplo weight form economy and technologies slightly buffed. Oh, and you can drop floor empire size all the way to zero if you managed to do so.

Also diplo weight from envoy was brought back in a way I could do it. Now every not busy envoy grants +5% diplo weight to the empire in addition to new delegate system.

Compatibility Issue

The mod is being made with these crucial mods in mind:

At least the mod tries to handle all possible incompatibilities about jobs and pop categories, since the most invasive changes goes there. Soon there will also be a compatibility with Zenith Of Fallen Empires.

The mod modifies vanilla jobs and pop categories with inline scripts and also rewrites some of the defines. Careful with those.

Coming soon:
– New policy-specific desicions and edicts;
– working with weights for active use of new policies by AI;
– Giving love to Hive Minds;
– A LOT of dynamic inner politics events, especially ones what allow you to change fixed ethics through event chain triggered by specific conditions like becoming a purifier through revancists support after losing a war or rebrending a megacorp into criminal one and back;
– Russian Translation.

My thanks for the inspiration goes to:

– Blu Macaw – We got a policy for that
– Capelett – Social Decline

Any feedback is highly appreciated! I hope you’ll enjoy!