Plants VS Zombies Armies

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Authors: StarSophia, MewMew

Last revision: 28 Mar at 22:41 UTC

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  • Over 39+ Units from the Plants V.S Zombies games
      Examples of units for Plants

    • Blover
    • Peashooter
    • Doomshroom
    • Kernel Corn
    • Cob Cannon
    • Jalapeno
    • Potato Mine
    • Chomper
    • Puffshroom
    • Pumpkin
    • Wall-Nut
    • Tall-Nut
    • And many more….

  • Plants V.S Zombies Buildings
  • Adapted lore to fit an Stellaris context
  • Custom Army Icons for both factions
  • Custom Resources
  • Hidden Unit System (Meet the criteria = get the units)
  • Main Menu Music
  • Invasion system that allow you to spawn in PVE content!


  • Plants
  • Zombies

  • More Garden Warfare content
  • Plants V.S Zombies 2(Maybe, most plants and zombies are reskins so I would have to come up with something different)

  • Know your mods that you sub to! No longer going to read messages that don’t give me a way to reproduce the error

Needed for custom resources to show up on the UI

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