V_TRAITS No Species Class Restriction Patch

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Author: Xyre255

Last revision: 17 Nov, 2023 at 21:43 UTC

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A patch for the main mod that removes all species class restrictions.
It removes all species class restrictions but not archetype restrictions, so certain traits will still be exclusive to either biological or lithoid species.

As it is a very simple mod, it should always work, no matter what game version it is.

Load order:
Put below V_TRAITS

My other Mods

V_TRAITS – The main mod.
V_TRAITS Performance Patch – Like the name says it is a performance patch. It disables the random selection of performance intensive traits for randomized empires.
Abspecies – A mod that allows for the creation of Abspecies. It is a standalone submod and doesn’t require V_TRAITS to function.

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