Guilli’s Planet Modifiers and Features 3.8 LEGACY

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Author: Guilliman

Last revision: 13 Sep, 2023 at 16:13 UTC

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Guilli’s Planet Modifiers – this is the LEGACY VERSION 3.8

For the latest version see:

A big content expansion mod focusing on Planetary Modifiers. With hundreds of modifiers and lots of content that interacts with them. Compatible with most other mods!

List of features


· Custom code engine that runs after game start ensuring maximum mod compatibility and ensures during the gameplan there is very little performance impact.
· Custom Start Manu letting you tweak a lot of settings or even turn of features entirely!
· Custom planet modifier border colours.

Over 400 new Planet Modifiers have been added.

· Most are spawned during the game start.
· Normal planet modifiers that provide bonuses or maluses.
· Uninhabitable planet modifiers for flavour and story.
· Precursor planet modifiers, powerful story elements left behind by ancient empires long gone.
· Fallen Empire planet modifiers, elder empires have not left their planets untouched.
· Terraforming planet modifiers, after terraforming no planet is the same and gain unique features.
· Habitat planet modifiers, special construction modifiers unlocked by habitat decisions.
· Ringworld Planet modifiers, special construction modifiers unlocked by ringworld decisions.
· Machine world modifiers, unique planet modifiers for machine worlds.
· Crisis planet modifiers, when crisis factions bomb or take over planets they can leave behind traces of their horror.

Planet Features and blockers

· Hundreds of custom features matching planet modifiers that spawn alongside them.
· Tons of new blockers for you to clear.
· Special precursor and archaeology features.

Terraforming improvements

· Terraforming cleans up planet modifiers and has a chance to roll new positive ones.
· Most bad negative modifiers will be removed (where it makes sense)
· Precursor modifiers will NOT be removed.
· Wondrous Planet features will not be removed.
· The newly terraformed planet has a chance to roll new flavour or positive modifiers. Flavour modifiers have a grey border and are just there for story/lore or roleplay.
· Turning a planet into a Machine World will remove most modifiers and roll unique machine world modifiers except for precursor modifiers.

New planetary decisions have been added

· Decisions to clear bad planet modifiers or "fix" planetary problem modifiers.
· Decisions to add habitat infrastructure based on the planet the habitat is orbiting around.
· Decisions to build additional infrastructure on ringworlds.
· Decision to specialise machine worlds.
· And more!

Tons of story events

· Capital world events.
· Events for new colonies based on planet modifiers and features.
· Unique leviathan "The living Planet" with a special reward. Leviathan DLC required for this to show up!
· And more!

New Anomalies and exploration events

· 4 new anomalies.
· Tons of survey and exploration events with choices based on your empire makeup.
· Numerous custom and rare rewards to for these events such as ships, components, techs, traits, and more…
· With lots of decisions allowing for maximum roleplaying potential!
· Planets with interesting features can spawn terraforming candidate modifiers. Even frozen and molten worlds will be able to be terraformed this way.

New policy: survey expeditions

· Choose between three exploration survey options to determine how fast you survey. The faster you survey; the less exploration rewards you get. Initial policy is set by ethics choices. AI can and will adjust this policy based on their situation. E.g.; Militarists empires will start exploring faster if they meet another empire.

Tons of new Precursor Dig Sites

· When discovering a precursor world, there’s a chance a precursor dig site appears. Unravelling these dig sites have a potential to reward you with very powerful precursor rewards such as ships, techs, empire modifiers and even relics!

Precursor Discoveries (technologies)

· Lots of custom unique precursor technologies were added with their own technology colour. These are very powerful discoveries.
· Precursor home systems have been spiced up and spawn with an ancient, damaged Precursor Mega Shipyard.

29 new relics

· 3 special ones can be found during exploration
· 26 precursor relics found from special precursor dig sites

Relic War Goals

· Relic casus belli and war goals for every relic (including base game relics!)
· The AI really likes relics and will go to war for them. Some AI’s will become more aggressive in wanting relics for every relic they have.
· Casus belli are unlocked if you neighbour an empire that has a relic and have enough intel (50)


· Steal Relic espionage operation. Hold the greatest heist the galaxy has ever seen and steal another empire’s relic with potentially dire consequences if you’re caught! The AI can do this to the player but it is very rare and they must really dislike you.

Custom Relic map

· A map mode that displays who has relics and how many (if you have enough intel).

New precursor planet: "Archaeopolis" (requires Ancient Relics DLC)

· Rare precursor city worlds can be found across the galaxy with custom powerful districts.
· Expensive to maintain and build.

Minor Artifacts (requires Ancient Relics DLC)

· Reverse Engineer minor artifacts action has been modified to provide more random rewards. Added over 100 new possible discoveries such as techs and unlocks.
· Several custom armies have been added that you can unlock through exploration. They cost Minor Artifacts to build.
· Several modded rewards have a Minor Relic cost if you have the Ancient Relics DLC. A normal cost if you don’t.
· Several powerful edicts are unlocked after researching the reverse engineer minor artifacts technology.


· 4 minor megastructures were added. They spawn broken across the galaxy. Repairing them isn’t too expensive and gives minor empire bonuses.

Wondrous Planets

· Some planets can become wondrous planets and gain a unique and powerful planetary feature.

Other stuff:

· Shielded world graphics for specific planet modifiers.
· Solar systems are spiced up with debris in precursor systems.
· A unique shipyard star model for precursor shipyards modifier (not a megastructure).
· Unique planetary graphics for some precursor modifiers.
· Sol (if populated by humans) has the James Webb Telescope.
· Mars has an old friend for you to find.

Special thanks to everyone for helping out and providing feedback!