Militus’ Diplomatic Changes

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Author: Militus Immortalis

Last revision: 16 Oct, 2022 at 18:37 UTC

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This is my first Stellaris mod and rather WIP/Alpha atm as I did it quickly in my offtime while abroad, so it’s not much and if there’s anything you think should be changed/added do let me know! Enjoy!

What do I need?

I’m not entirely sure which DLC is needed for this, but I assume Federations DLC, please feel free to correct me in the comments!

What does this mod make do?

Not much! It changes some simple stats of the game, primarily diplomacy, allowing you to take actions a bit more freely! Especially late game when it starts being more laggy, I always felt that the community would take too long.

What changes are made exactly?

– Federation Perk loss: changed from 3 to 5. This is the months it takes for you to lose your perk(s) after losing a level.

– Envoys base effect on cohesion: raised to 1.25 from 1.0

– Base federation cohesion: raised to 5.5 from 5.0

– Cohesion to xp conversion: raised to 0.25 from 0.10

– Cohesion loss every time a new member is added to the federation (after the first two members): lowered to -0.25 from -100

– Cohesion loss every time a member leaves the federation: lowered to -0.50 from -100

– Cohesion loss when you switch federation type: lowered to -25 from -50

– Number of days after which diplomatic action will automatically be declined: lowered to 90 from 180 days. This is in an effort to fix the issue where players can’t see some diplo requests, they can now run out in 90 days / 3 months and can be resend/reset.

– Chance that an empire will be created from an existing template instead of randomly generated: raised to 100 from 50. (10 = 1% chance, thus 10% instead of 5%.)

– Chance that a fallen empire will be created from an existing template instead of randomly generated: raised to 100 from 50. (10 = 1% chance; see above.)

– Influence gain when uplifting species: raised to 550 from 500

– Percent chance that a planet gets a discovery/an anomaly when surveyed: raised to 0.075 from 0.050. Who doesn’t love anomalies?!

– Cooldown years after changing government before you can change it again: lowered to 15 from 20. Just to add more flexibility to playstyles/players.

– Election candidates always have at least this much support: lowered to 0.025 from 0.05

– Candidates get this much extra support per skill level (multiplicative): raised to 0.15 from 0.1

– Amount of days the subject has been a subject before we can integrate: lowered to 2500 from 3600. This is – again – due to late game lag making things feel like a drag. Hopefully this helps with that feeling.

– Number of days a resolution will be on the senate floor before being passed/failed: lowered drastically to 350 from 1440.

– Number of days until the custodian/emperor can prematurely end the senate session: lowered to 182 from 720. You have unlimited power, right?

– Number of days until the next proposed resolution will be put on the floor after the current vote: lowered to 182 from 720. Decreasing late-game drag/making the community feel more active.

– Number of days after voting in a resolution before you can change your vote: lowered to 25 from 120. This change is partially due to quicker voting/sessions. Many of the following changes are for the same reason.

– Time before another resolution in a given category can be proposed again: lowered to 365 from 2520

– Time before a referendum of a given type can be proposed again: lowered to 725 from 5040

– Time before a country can enact another veto: lowered to 730 from 3800

– Time before a country can propose another emergency measure: lowered to 730 from 7200

– Proposed resolution cost is multiplied by this to determine the cost of vetoing that resolution: lowered to 2 from 3

– Time between galactic council elections: lowered to 1825 from 7200.

– The time period that a Custodian keeps their position: lowered to 3650 from 10800

– The amount of days left on a term limit when a notification should be sent to the custodian about their term expiring: lowered to 365 from 1825

– Max amount of favors from same empire that can be stored: raised to 25 from 10.

– Max amount of favors that can be used for a resolution: Raised to 100 from 10.


Terak_Lapis – for having similar mods that I very much enjoyed, and once they were outdated I decided to try it on my own. The mods (if I remember them all) are… I am the Senat – Tweak, Tweaked Coummunity and Diplomatic Ventures.
Ajax – For his testing of the mod, thanks bud!

Feel free to leave any concerns, questions or suggestions in the comments or make threads. Enjoy!

Required DLC:

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