Intuitive Salvage

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Author: Carniak

Last revision: 12 Sep, 2020 at 03:14 UTC

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When you salvage debris, the base game grants 10% research for unknown technologies. This generally means that you can leapfrog entire tech trees. For new and veteran players, this seems like a great deal. In reality, this curtails many play styles and potentially handicaps new players.

For new players, the leapfrogging of lower techs can effectively break the in-game "Auto Best" ship designer. For example, if you leapfrog to end game shields, the ship designer will give you a ship that is sometimes broken or missing sensor and ship behaviour upgrades.

For veteran players, the leapfrogging will lock out certain playstyles entirely, such as research-heavy playstyles. Any opponent can simply farm "tall style" empires to unlock rare technologies.

This mod attempts to balance this aspect of the game. Researching new debris will no longer unlock entirely unknown technologies. Instead, they will reward larger amounts of research points that will greatly accelerate existing research.

Modifications to Vanilla

This mod changes the salvage mechanic in the game by:

  • Removing the 10% progress for unknown technologies
  • Debris will instead reward research points for each destroyed component:
    • 250 for Tier 2
    • 500 for Tier 3
    • 750 for Tier 4
    • 1000 for Tier 5

Note: Unknown technologies will still show in the ebris, but it will not unlock the technology. This is intentional in order to maximise this mod’s compatibility with other mods.