Expanded Mining Drones

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Author: Robinxen

Last revision: 21 Oct, 2022 at 19:04 UTC

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An expansion of vanilla-style content for the Ancient Mining Drones taken from my SciFi Series Tech mod.


Currently includes:

  • One new single stage megastruture
  • One new multi stage megastruture
  • One new construction ship class
  • One new corvette section
  • Four new ship components
  • Unique event civic

All the techs require the Mining Drone Laser technology acquired from researching the mining drones.
The ship components progressively unlock their upgrade research when new ship sizes are unlocked.
And the Ore Grinder megastructure is unique to the empire that successfully defeats the base hub, however the technology can spread. The spread can go from subject to overlord, or from federation member to federation member. Making it possible for indirect access to the megastructure if an AI beats you to it.
The unique civic is awarded exclusively to the empire that destroys the ancient Ore Grinder, giving bonuses based on empire type.


This mod is originally content ripped out of my primary mod, in a standalone fashion. Although this uses content from my SciFi Series Tech mod it also adds some new content which I couldn’t justify including there.


This mod is entirely original content and should be compatible with almost everything except total overhauls.