Not Just For Birds

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Author: Tnynfox

Last revision: 15 Dec, 2022 at 00:18 UTC

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Take to the sky with these bird themed traits including “Aerodynamic Flight”.

I don’t want you commenting spoilers here, but if you must, please use spoiler format.

What started as a simple Trait dump grew into its own rich universe with trait-unique events, politics, and secret technologies.

None of these traits are Avian-exclusive; you can stick them anywhere to create, say, a flying human or cuckoo-laying starfish. That said I set the AI weight of trait Aerodynamic Flight to spawn only on portraits I found fitting.

I drew all my custom icons in Procreate.

Bird nerds here are welcome to come and recommend more species traits and mechanics. Comments spreading racism or falsely accusing this mod of doing the same will be deleted. Knowing how you can treat humans in Stellaris, do you find my mod a smart hill to start on?

Sempronio imperium habenti avium gloria

New: Aerial-specific buildings and jobs such as the crime-reducing Precinct Aerie and food-producing Sky Orchard. Feel free to recommend more.

Is it Balanced?
I extensively revised “Aerodynamic Flight” with r/Stellaris on Reddit. I wanted a powerful trait but not a cheat trait. I think flight would inevitably improve job performance, housing usage, and combat effectiveness.
Nerf patch that removes job and leader bonuses from flight: This may prove underpowered, so only use this nerf patch if you are really sure Aerodynamic Flight is OP as is.
This mod briefly expands further on Psionic Theory and Dark Matter Power. If using multiplayer you may wish for mods such as ACoT that make these techs easier to obtain unless you’d like more strategic control of the OP haves or have nots.
Estimated Rating: PEGI 7
Much of the humor is quite intelligent and alludes to various ornithology. The events should still be enjoyable even if you don’t know the exact bird facts thereof.
Some text refers to Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Owl City’s “To the Sky” lyrics.

Overwrites purge and slavery citizenship requirements in species_rights. Only affects citizenship_types.

Note: I edited "Inexpensive Cortex" as of 11-6-2021

Please don’t poison the dev who first implemented fall damage in a game.