Payback Civics

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Author: mathemagics

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Adds some (well, one so far) civics for Payback origin civs, to flesh out how the civilization managed to overthrow their masters. Generally balanced to be better than other civics, on account of the whole challenging start thing.

Implemented Civics:

  • Underhanded Overthrow:

    This civilization overthrew their oppressors with subterfuge and espionage.
    Gives +1 encryption and decryption, +1 cloaking, +1 envoy, halves operation costs (I think they cost way too much influence anyway).

Planned Civics:

  • Mind over Master:

    This civilization overthrew their oppressors with psionics.
    Gives the Latent Psionics trait, and grants Psionic Theory as a partially (half?) completed tech option, more maybe?

  • Genetics Focus
  • Naval focus?
  • Others?

Feel free to add suggestions.

Required DLC:

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