udk Cheat: Edicts

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Author: udkudk

Last revision: 5 Jul at 18:37 UTC

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This mod adds a lot of cheat edicts. These cheat edicts can be enabled/disabled with 0 influence.

There’s an general enabler/disabler. This only shows/hides other enabler/disablers.

3 enabler/disabler edicts to small cheats, trait points and civics. If you disable these, they will also disable active edicts in corresponding categories. To only hide enabler/disabler edicts and continue using edicts, use general disabler.

## Categories:

In Trait Points Category, you can add up to 38 trait points in all Biological, Robot and Machine Species in your Empire.

In Small Cheats Category, you can add 99 envoys and/or add 100% anomaly discovery chance to your Empire.

In Civic Points Category, you can add up to 38 civic points to your Empire.

All those modifiers are active only when the corresponding edict is active.

AI will not use these edicts.

This mod is for 3.0.* to 3.4.*:

This mod will continue working until PDX overhaul current Edicts system. Individual modifiers may not work if PDX changes or deletes them.