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Ship power overflow repair v1.1 (Machine translation, I hope you could understand it)
Game version: v3.5.*
The power recalculated is basically equal to the original version
Single ship power will not become 1 before 8.5G (but 2.1G-4.3G display negative numbers)
The picture in the front is the original, and the one after it is the recalculated version
Military Power Calculation Formula : wiki#Defines#Ship#MILITARY_POWER_EXPONENT
(derived and published by me)
Learn more about it: tieba.baidu.com/p/8029004849
Even if the power becomes 1, the higher one can still be spilled back
The defines file also contains set of parameters with a maximum combat power of 2.1G for a single ship;
A set with upper limit 215G (the upper limit of compression has been reached), if the power is too low, it may become 75281;
A set with upper limit 2.1G (from 215G to 2.1G), the more powerful it is, the more it decreases compared with the original version. If the power is too low, it may become 23173