Warframe Portraits: Organics

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Author: me

Last revision: 10 May at 09:26 UTC

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Warframe is a sci-fi looter shooter made by Digital Extremes[www.warframe.com] that focuses on space-magic-children piloting biomechanical machines of death, the titular Warframes. This mod adds four factions from the game into Stellaris.

What this includes:
  • 10 organic species potraits: Corpus (+Perrin Sequence), Grineer (+Steel Meridian), Orokin, Tenno, Warframes, Infested, Solaris and Ostrons
  • 8 namelists for the above species
  • 16 ruler rooms
  • 48 flag symbols
  • Sounds for Corpus and Grineer

What might possibly be added in the future:
  • Orokin species?
  • Corpus/Grineer faction variants (Perrin Sequence/Steel Meridian/)?
  • More Warframes?
  • The Infested?
  • Sounds for Orokin/Infested?
  • Solaris
  • Ostrons
  • Custom city sets?

What is almost certainly not going to be added:
  • Warframe ships (can’t 3D)

If the mod’s not up to the game’s current version, don’t despair, it should still work since it only adds species portraits and content relevant to those. If there any problems, do let me know. Cheers!