Administrative Capacity Restored

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Author: Sidewinder Fang

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"To know one’s place is the greatest comfort, to excel within it is the greatest solace, and a master’s contentment is the greatest reward."
Codex Administratum Edition XXIIVC – Warhammer 40,000

This mod adds in a new edict called Applied Psychohistory that can be unlocked by researching adaptive bureaucracy, it allows you to gain a large amount of administrative capacity at the cost of unity, it is easily obtained as adaptive bureaucracy is an early game tech and allows you to mitigate the effects of sprawl at a moderate unity cost. Hiveminds and machine empires get their own appropriately themed variants, but they function identically.

I wasn’t particularly happy with how Paradox implemented the administrative capacity changes in 3.3, it felt like they decided to axe the entire system rather than rework it and removing any way to mitigate sprawl feels like punishing the player, even if its effects have been nerfed compared to 3.2.
So, this is my take on a reworked administrative capacity system, how I originally envisioned it might function when the change was first hinted at, rather than attempting to recreate the original with overwrites I decided to emulate it with the help of the new edict system.

The premise is simple, rather than bureaucrats generating administrative capacity they now generate unity, which is used to generate administrative capacity, while the amount added by the edict is exceptionally large, as the player gets no bonuses for having extra it’s ultimately unimportant.
However, edict cost scales with empire size meaning the edict will get more expensive the larger your empire grows, mimicking the larger requirement of administrative capacity in the 3.2 system. I have attempted to make to cost appropriate to the benefits you get though I may rebalance aspects of it later on after seeing the results.

I created this mod to be as simple as possible, it doesn’t overwrite any vanilla files and shouldn’t conflict with most other mods unless they radically rework empire sprawl and administrative capacity or the edict system. However, it’s always possible there is something I overlooked, so please leave any comments or criticism below and let me know if you run into any issues.

Special thanks to everyone at the Stellaris Modding Den [] for all their help
Banner art belongs to Campanoo []
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