SW:ND Comp Patch IBU

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Author: Elratie

Last revision: 20 May at 17:48 UTC

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3.4.* Compatible

Star Wars: New Dawn Comp Patch Immersive Beautiful Universe is a submod to make both mods compatible.

1. Star Wars New Dawn
2. Immersive Beautiful Universe
3. SW: ND Comp Patch IBU (this mod).

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Star Wars and all of related logos, icons, marks, and characters are solely owned by The Walt Disney Company. This total conversion mod is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, Electronic Arts, or any other publisher or producer of Star Wars related media. No independent rights will be asserted against The Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC, or Electronic Arts and no commercial exhibition or distribution will be permitted. This is entirely a community-driven, non-profit project.

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