Strike Craft Extended (3.4.x)

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Author: pearl

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Adds Fighters, Interceptors, Railpods, Bombers, Gunships, and Gatlings. Reworks Strike Craft combat completely, adds new strategic depth to carriers, and makes space battles more interesting.

Strike Craft are now an essential part to every fleet. Fight for tactical control over the battle with a variety of space superiority fighters, and support them with crucial carrier operations using devastating strategic bombers.

Supports game version 3.4.x and the Overlord DLC

Space Superiority Fighters

Designed to achieve space superiority and enable strategic bombers to complete their assault missions. Ideal for intercepting, escorting, and dogfighting. Shorter reload times, higher movement speeds, but lacks shield penetration.

Fighters – 2.30 sec (+25% shield bonus, +25% hull bonus) – 225 speed
Fighters are multirole Strike Craft that carry modified rotary flak-cannons to damage shields and hulls.

Interceptors – 1.15 sec (+50% hull bonus) – 225 speed
Interceptors use precise high-powered lasers to quickly destroy mobile targets and cut through hulls.

Railpods – 3.45 sec (+50% shield bonus) – 225 speed
Railpods are nimble and armed with powerful miniaturized railguns to overwhelm the shields of ships.

Strategic Bombers

Designed to decimate capital ships of various sizes and hold their own in Strike Craft combat. Requires support to be fully effective, but given time, these assault craft can decimate enemy fleets.

Bombers – 5.75 sec (+100% shield penetration, +100% armor penetration) – 200 speed
Bombers carry large payloads of heavy disruptors to devastate both capital ships and strike craft.

Gunships – 6.90 sec (+100% shield penetration, +50% armor bonus) – 200 speed
Gunships fire miniaturized shaped charge torpedoes to destroy even the heaviest and armored targets.

Gatlings – 4.60 sec (+100% shield penetration, +25% armor bonus, +25% hull bonus) – 200 speed
Gatlings utilize specialized shredder autocannons that are effective against both hull and armor.

New Carrier Ship Sections

Cruisers are now your dedicated carriers. New ship sections for cruisers have been added to help them reflect this new role in the fleet. Standard hangars (starbases, defense platforms, or other ship sizes like battleships) have access to all six types of Strike Craft.

Vanguard Carrier Bow – 1 Missile, 1 Space Superiority Hangar, | 4 Medium Utility Slots

Heavy Carrier Core – 2 Point Defense, 1 Strategic Bomber Hangar | 4 Medium Utility Slots

Support Carrier Stern – 1 Missile, 1 Point Defense | 2 Auxiliary Utility Slots

General Changes

All hangars now launch their strike craft quickly and from long-range (200) at the start of the battle, which can then speed up ahead of their main fleets to fight for space superiority before the main fleets clash. Strike Craft combat behavior and all other stats related to them have been reworked completely in this mod.

The AI will use a variety of Strike Craft combinations like Fighters + Bombers, Interceptors + Gatlings, Railpods + Gunships, etc. There are 15 different combinations of Strike Craft in total that the AI will use, so you can experience different tactics in every war.

Cruisers have been redesigned to become dedicated carriers armed with hangars, missiles, and point defense slots. Cruiser carriers allow for power projection across the galaxy and are effective damage dealers, but are also quite expensive and fragile. Protect your carriers well, and their Strike Craft will decimate the enemy fleets.

There are three tiers to Strike Craft technology in this mod (Basic, Improved, Advanced). There is also a new admiral trait (Ex-Fighter Pilot) added in this mod, it gives +10% strike craft damage and attack speed.


This mod is save-game compatible and should be compatible with most other mods.

Credits go to Chickenhunt for the projectile GFX and Churumiru ShiRoZ for helping me make the icons.