Civic Pack II

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Compatible with 3.3.* but should work regardless of version as this makes no direct changes to the base game, only to files added by this mod.

Mod Features
  • Eight (8) new civics
  • High quality custom icons
  • Each civic was designed to seamlessly fit into the base game
  • Compatibility friendly, will not interfere with any other mod

The aim of these mods is to provide several interesting and high quality civics as though added by official DLC or free updates. This release in particular continues to flesh out Corporations while at the same time adding new options for standard empires.


All of my mods are completely free to use. You can patch, edit, fork, or change anything that you like. You don’t have to ask me for permission.


Standard Civics

Private Organization
This society consists of an organized group bound by a single purpose, headed by an ambitious leader.

  • Monthly Influence: +15%
  • Monthly Unity: +15%
  • Empire Sprawl Penalty: +100%

Corporate Directorate
This society is dominated by several super-corporations and is partly governed by a planet-wide entity that regulates trade and mediates international, interstellar, and inter-corporate disputes.

  • Unlocks the decision to sell Planets to Corporations for an amount of Unity and Energy Credits that scales with your economy. Sold Planets gain large amounts of Trade Value but contribute less resources overall and Worker pops become very unhappy. Sold Planets also gain Manager and Executive jobs.
  • Trade Protection: +10

Rite of Passage
When a member of this society reaches puberty they must undergo many lengthy and often bloody trials. They must prove themselves, or die trying. This way only the strongest enter society.

  • Start the game with the Arena of Blood Planetary Feature on your Homeworld, which provides you with additional Unity and Alloys.
  • Pop Growth Reduction: 25%
  • Army Morale: +50%
  • Habitability: +5%
Corporate Civics

Catchy Slogans
This Megacorporation leads a society dominated by captivating slogans and phrases. Addictive jingles are also commonplace and heard everywhere, like when you flush your toilet provided to you by MegaCorp. There is no escape from this promotional utopia.

  • Unlocks a set of Slogan Edicts, providing empire-wide bonuses upon activation.
  • Edict Fund: +100

Budget Manufacturer
This Megacorporation is specialized in producing extremely cheap consumer goods which it then floods the market with, creating a monopoly situation by driving out any competition.

  • Unlocks the Sweat Factory building which adds Poorly Paid Worker jobs. Poorly Paid Workers turn Stability and Minerals into large amounts of Consumer Goods. Sweat Factory can be built on both owned Planets and Branch Offices.
  • Market Fee: -5%

This Megacorporation consists of a single domineering financial institution that shapes every aspect of life.

  • Unlocks the Big Bank building which adds Banker jobs. Bankers turn Consumer Goods into Amenities and large amounts of Energy Credits. Big Bank can be built on both owned Planets and Branch Offices.
  • Gain +10% Diplomatic Weight from Economy per 100k Energy Credits in Storage. This effect caps at 1M Energy Credits, or 100% Diplomatic Weight from Economy.
  • Can create Bank Worlds once the Galactic Market is founded. Bank Worlds dramatically increase your Resource Storage Capacity.
  • Energy Storage Capacity: +50000
  • Encryption: +1

Mercenary Contractors
This Megacorporation specializes in the auction of hired soldiers, even going as far as shipping these to distant worlds if the money is right.

  • Unlocks the Mercenary HQ building that adds Mercenary jobs. Mercenaries turn Energy Credits into Defense Armies, Naval Capacity, and Trade Value. Mercenary HQ can be built on both owned Planets and Branch Offices.
  • War Exhaustion Gain: -20%

Every employee of this Megacorporation owns a proportional share which ensures that even the lowliest clerk has a vested personal interest in corporate success.

  • Faction Influence Gain: +25%

See screenshots for further gameplay details.
The required DLC are not necessary for the mod to work; only to access all of the content.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Stellaris: MegaCorp