E&CC 3.3.4 Unofficial Patch by Dinys1705 V0.13

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Author: DinyS1705

Last revision: 4 May, 2022 at 21:11 UTC (1)

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All credits for the content of the mod go to the original creator of
"Ethics and Civics Classic 3.2". Which is Petruxa.
( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100284147 )


The original mod has quite some bugs in 3.3.* because of the update. This unofficial patch fixes a lot of these problems.


I made this temporary unofficial patch because I hope he can use the comments and description of this mod for updating the official mod. I see this as my own way of being a part of the community support he asked for in one of his points on the original mod page.

The point: "2. This update is pretty huge, and it will take the hell of a time to properly adapt everything, so, I’ll be strongly relying on community support.".


Found problems and changes:
– Factions do not spawn
– AI Empires do not choose ethics
– AI Empires do not choose civics
– Administrators are removed
– Diplomats were added but did not spawn as jobs
– Bureaucrats were changed
– Temples were not able to be build
– The citadel of faith was not able to be build
– Some other pop jobs generate wrong numbers of resources
– Efficient and complex bureaucracy civics give administrative capacity modifiers (Some other
civics did this too)
– Power projection did not work
– Nobles seem to give the wrong number of unity after the changes.


Before I address what got fixed.
I want to give props for some fixes to Sir Rolin with his "R&CC Unbiased Patch" mod. He fixed factions not spawning and giving influence instead of unity, empires not having names, flags, ethics and civics.
[those fixes are now included in this mod so his mod is compatible with this one and the official mod]

( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2703445204 )

I also want to give props to joakim,westergaard for alot of the bug pointouts and providing the locations in the files where these bugs originate from. He also restructured the pop job files and the building file for far better readability and making it more inline with the basegame file buildup.


Fixes and changed the following:
– Temples are again able to be build
– The citadel of faith is again able to be build
– The administrator is removed
– The Politician is added works
– The Bureaucrats now provide the correct resources and do not increase administrative
– Administrative buildings now provide the correct job number
– Some civics have been edited to at least stop giving administrative capacity (may have missed
– Factions should spawn again
– Empires should choose Ethics again
– Empires should choose civics again
– Empires should spawn with name again
– The noble job now generates the corrected amount of unity

Civics that are fixed or have been edited to a degree:
– Complex bureaucracy has completely been revamped to now abide by the unity balancing and
instead of administrative capacity now provide -0.5% Empire size from pops per politician. (In
multiple tests the maximum % I have seen in AI or my own wide play was 20~%)
– Efficient bureaucracy has its admin capacity increase per bureaucrat replaced with -0.5%
Empire size from districts and -0.1% Empire size from systems.
– All civics for normal non hive/mechanic empires have had their tool tips reworked to not have
random ? marks in the tool tips because of the administrator job missing or admin cap increase missing.


Load order:
UI overhaul Dynamic
UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Classic
Ethics and Civics Classic 3.2
This mod


There are a number of other problems or untested parts, feedback is welcome and I can try
to change other stuff that is not working or unbalanced in the 3.3.* patch. Just leave
a comment and ill try to figure stuff out when I got time.

Known unfixed problems / weird little bugs:
– The buildings filter on planets does not show admin buildings under the unity filter, but it is there
inside the unfiltered menu.
– Civic tribalism is totally broken, the building, the job everything so idk what to do with it yet, either rework it into
something new with the new systems or disabling it, or just leave it be for when the official mod updates.


Feedback is appreciated.


Some mods break the tooltips and other stuff, list of known mods to break stuff:
– Starbase Buildings and Modules
This should work again, but only if u put "Starbase Buildings and Modules" ABOVE "Ethics and civics clasic 3.2", it
does not matter how far above tho.


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