! Infinite Core Framework & Modmenu 3.0 [LEGACY]

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Author: ShinazugawaKasakoの小伞

Last revision: 14 Sep, 2021 at 16:29 UTC

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This is legacy version for 3.0.*
for 3.1 framework Click Here

<warring: My first language is not English, there may be translation errors>

mod setting panel
The basic framework of the sub-function of Infinite System
Independent function (see detailed introduction)

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Mods supported by the menu are just for the convenience of opening and setting, please do not subscribe all
Can be arranged in any position, it is recommended to go back
You must install UI Overhual Dynamic

Modmenu section

Function overlap (If other mod add this function there may be conflicts):

—Mod menu things
—Add Auto Explore Technology at beginning
—Mods that Automatic Build Space Station
—Get relic war type
—!!Universal Modifier Patch (this mod may overwrite new modifier added)
—!!!Universal Resource Patch (this mod may overwrite some special resources)

Function integration (you don’t need these mods to use this mod):

—!! 00 Performance Statistics Standalone
—00 Dismantle Megastructures
—!! All-Seeing Eye

Setting panel support

—[Zer0’s Infinity Stones: Redux]
—[At War: Defense Platform Longevity]
—[Terraforming Candidate Finder]
—[AutoBuild (only space stations)]
—[Board That Ship!]
—[The Empty Vagrant]
—[Warship Girls R And MIST Species]
—[1st Liberation Manual:The Empire in fallen]
—[Dynamic Difficulty-Ultimate Customization]
—[More Events Mod]
—[Extra Ship Components]
—[Ancient Cache of Technologies]
—[Sin of the Fallen Empires]
—[Ruler Level System]
—[Crisis Manager-End-Game Edition [Unofficial]]
—[A Deadly Tempest]
—[The Galactic University]
—[Fleet Transfer Mod]
—[Human Fallen Empires]
—[Gigastructural Engineering & More]
—[Interstellar Incorporated: Space Corp 3.0]
—[Pantheons of the Void]

Independent function

Most of them can be turned off in the settings (click the first button Right beside the COVER)
-250 times natural disasters, more fallen and ordinary empires
-8 new map modes, especially for viewing the state of war, which is very convenient
-The War of Looting Relics
-Open border war
-Disarm the war
-Dynamic difficulty (let your enemies always have the challenge): Synchronous competition, clear the weak, adaptive combat power enhancement
-Get automatic discovery technology at the start
-Automatic construction of mining stations/research stations
-Can switch full view of the picture (such as sentry array)
-Disassembleable giant structure recycling alloy (point star decision, need giant structure engineering technology)
-The fleet sinks, allowing you to recover the technology of the fallen gift ship
-The advanced locator, the omniscient eye, allows you to locate various objects on the Milky Way map
-Relic: Infinite Star Monument, with 6 desire points (can be increased for victory in war), which can increase the population and strengthen the early battle
-Relic: Strange head, headhunting ferret, with its own plot, assimilate your people and turn them into skunk girls
-Relic: Cangxue Mountain Detection Array, which can unlock the full potential of the All-Knowing Eye and find everything
-Cheat mode, 5 kinds of powerful cheating treasures


Required items:

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