[3.2] Multigalactic Galaxies

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Author: Guard15

Last revision: 12 Jan at 22:18 UTC

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A fixed copy of the [Multi Galaxy V2 Map Pack (1000-10000)] – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=780559390 – Made by skud13 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198052837133

Currently contains fixes to most problems that would not work when trying to launch the game with the latest release. I tried the best I can and this is what I could do at this time. I will try to polish some of the minor issues present from the mod when I can.

— What this mod contains (fixed) —
Map Packs that contain working star sets as of up to:
– 1000; Static and Random Hyperlane generation
– 2000; Static and Random Hyperlane generation
– 3000; Static and Random Hyperlane generation
– 6000; Static and Random Hyperlane generation

Experimental Support for star set of:
– 10000; Random Hyperlane generation only

Q: Does the fallen empires work?
A: The few times that I tested for it, I couldn’t see it working at the moment. It might work, but haven’t been able to observe it so far. I’ll try to see if I can get to work. Or figure out what might by the reason for it now working. I can say that the one thing I didn’t try was to setting the Fallen Empire spawns from 9 to something lower, so maybe that will work.

Q: Is it possible to cross galaxies through vanilla means?
A: Sometimes possible from what I’ve seen. The biggest way to even accomplish that is through Jump drives initially, but after that, then gateways as more of the main mode of transportation.

Q: Is another mod/dlc really required for this to work?
A: No, but you may attach as many mods to this game or use whatever dlcs’, but do note some mods may work while others may not. Test at your volition.

Q: I spotted a bug in the game and wanted to make a report of it. Where do I report it?
A: Please report it in a new discussion thread or an already existing one.

Q: Why is the 10,000 stars map in experimental support?
A: The Static Hyperlanes are missing from the map, but using Stellaris hyperlane generation, it’s possible to generate some in the maps whenever you like. But because the map has 10k stars, it’s hard to load a new map every time for testing needs to be done. So this is kinda like guesswork, but it should generate them for any new game.

Q: Is it possible that certain events, i.e. the crisis event, might break from how the multi-galactic systems are set up?
A: Yes, an event like that is likely to occur. But it’s also possible that the even might never occur at all. Haven’t played it that long to really test it out to be honest.

Q: Why does it take so long to load a map.
A: Stellaris engine limitation issues is my theory. Another factor could also be your computer hardware as well with Stellaris trying to generate the visual layout of the map.

Q: Is there any slowdown in gamespeed on the bigger maps than the random vanilla generated maps?
A: Not really. If anything, there appears to be little to no slowdown in gamespeed. At least from what I observed on my end. It sometimes results in a few extra seconds for a day to pass, but it passes by normal speed most of the time.

To clarify, I am not making or claiming this mod as my own, I am just uploading a fix for the original mod. I’ve seen some people wish for this mod to be fixed or to at least work in later releases of the game. This is just my fix for everyone since some users probably don’t know how to make the changes to fix it, or perhaps won’t put thought into fixing into it, thinking that it might take too much work. I do this out of my attempt to at least give anyone an option to try and play the mod if they so wish to do so.

Hope you guys enjoy!
– Guard15