Stellaris: Reborn III (1/6)

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Originally posted by Coulson:

Stellaris: Reborn III has been reuploaded, because of the incompatible tag (Which was removed before we reuploaded) we disappeared from the workshop front page. We now have every permission from every author and hope to maintain the current version!

Comment Section can be found under the title of the mod!


Do. Not. Run. Any. Other. Mods. Besides. This. One.

(Except the ones marked as optionaly)

Stellaris: Reborn III – Part 1
All 6 Parts are required!

Stellaris: Reborn III is the successor to Stellaris: Reborn II and is again adding content from over 120+ mods to your game!

Experience Stellaris like you have never played it before!

We also ensure full compatibility between the added mods.

Donation Links:

Upper Limits V3.0+

Storypack: The Nyblax and the Collector

[United Fleet]Mobile Shipyard


Every mod in this pack is added with full permission and cooperation of the author of each mod. Planetary Diversity and UI Overhaul Dynamic has denied their permission so they had to be added as dependency. The mods marked as optionaly also denied being added (Except Kurogane, this one was just too big in file size) but they are tested with Stellaris: Reborn III and work just fine.

IMPORTANT: Load order in the launcher:

Please also use the mods marked as "optionaly"! Stellaris: Reborn III has not been tested WITHOUT them and you may experience issues if your are missing them..

  • UI Overhaul Dynamic
  • Planetary Diversity
  • Stellaris: Reborn III (1/6)
  • Stellaris: Reborn III (2/6)
  • Stellaris: Reborn III (3/6)

    AlphaMod 3.0
    Gods & Guardians
    Dynamic Political Events

  • Stellaris: Reborn III (4/6)

    Amazing Space Battles

  • Stellaris: Reborn III (5/6)
  • The Merger of Rules
  • Stellaris: Reborn III (6/6)

    Zer0’s Infinity Stones
    Nanite Expansion
    Kurogane Expanded (New)
    Planetary Diversity – Exotic Worlds
    Planetary Diversity – More Arcologies
    Planetary Space Habitats
    More Events Mod


    Not compatible with any other mods

    Originally posted by author:
    For everyone having problems: Try a complete reinstall of the mod.

    1. Close the Stellaris launcher (If you have it running)

    2. Unsub from Stellaris: Reborn III (1-6) in the workshop

    3. Delete the 6 folders:


    in C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent281990

    4. Delete the 6 .mod files named


    in C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsParadox InteractiveStellarismod

    5. Resub

    Included Mods (120+):

    Detailed Mod list with links + Load Order

    • extendend_map_sliders
    • Universal Resource Patch
    • Universal Modifier Patch
    • Dark Blue UI – Left Side Main Menu !
    • Dark Blue UI Remake !
    • SpaceAmbient Music – Vol. I
    • Real Machine Worlds
    • Better Ecumenopoli
    • Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project
    • Marauders Remodeled
    • Immersive Beautiful Stellaris
    • Immersive Beautiful Universe
    • Gigastructural Engineering & More
    • (-NSC2 Season 6-)
    • Upper Limits V3.0+
    • Ethics & Civics: Bug Branch
    • [United Fleet]Mobile Shipyard
    • Engineers of Life
    • Battle Debris – Starship Graveyards
    • Extra Ship Components 3.0 [Actual]
    • Realistic Asteroids
    • More Insults
    • Automated Exploration Unlocked
    • Better Rings
    • Cinematic Camera
    • Agreements Boost Diplomatic Weight
    • Loyal Subjects Have Nothing to Fear (From the Colossus)
    • Planetary Wonders
    • Influence Cap+
    • Strategic Resource Upgrades
    • Gateway Icons – Construction Notification
    • Diverse Rooms
    • 3D Fleet Formation
    • Imperial Projects
    • Nice Text
    • Just More Flags (Achievement Compatible)
    • Just More Empires
    • Vassals Expanded and Reworked
    • Real Space
    • Real Space – New Frontiers
    • Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens
    • Superstrucutre for Real Space v2.0
    • Nanite Machines & Distant Stars Overhaul
    • Tidy Traditions
    • Immersive Simple map UI
    • Better Performance & Utilities
    • Caravaneers and Nomads coexist
    • Espionage Extended
    • Espionage Rebalance
    • Galactic Community++
    • Infinite Core Framework & Modmenu
    • PD+Nanite Expansion Compatibility
    • Immersive Space Battle [Battlefield
    • Shroud Expanded The Decadance of Sanity
    • War Name Variety | Redux
    • Psionic Species Expansion
    • Psionic Species Expansion – Gigastructural Engineering
    • Origins of Civilization
    • Slightly More Celestial Objects
    • Merged Leader Levels
    • Unicron Addon
    • All Unique System Spawns And All 3 Caravaneers
    • MEM Real Space Planetary Shields
    • Storypack: The Nyblax and the Collector
    • New Enclaves
    • Dark Blue UI Remake
    • Dark Blue UI – Left Side Main Menu
    • UI Overhaul Dynamic + Planetary Diversity
    • Universal Modifier Patch
    • The Merger of Rules
    • Universal Districts Patch
    • Universal Resource Patch
    • Automatic Scientific Research Helper