Immersive Galaxie – Nuclear Fire Reborn

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Last revision: 14 Jul, 2021 at 10:06 UTC

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Another mod made by Dwaine for my "Reborn"-series.

When a primitive civilization nuke themselves, the newly spawned tomb/toxic planet will now have a special texture to illustrate the violence of the nuclear exchange.
After a fleet has bombed a planet to oblivion, a new texture will be applied to the world 1 day after the original event.
Colonization, however, removes these markings.

Tomb Planet nuked:

Toxic Planet nuked:

Armageddon bombardment result:

Heres the "Reborn"-Version of Planetary Variety!

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Not archivement compatible!

ATTENTION: This is a Beta and does not include all aspects of the original mod.
It only contains events to change the graphical appearance of a planet depending of primitive nuke fest or armageddon bombardment.