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Authors: GreenKeldeo, evalpenguin, ipser

Last revision: 29 May at 01:26 UTC

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"Xenonion is an award winning pan-galactic news organization, and Stellaris’ most trusted news source – according to four of the five arthropods it nerve stapled.

Founded in 2200 following a questionable merger between several media conglomerates, Xenonion has emerged as the galaxy’s largest news provider.

Headquartered aboard the ISS Xenonion deep space black site, the organization broadcasts continuously via a network of mind control satellites, and is currently syndicated in every major space-nation.

The network is known for its high-quality news and space-weather coverage. With bureaus on every major planet, alongside a roving fleet of news Titan-class starships, its journalists are never far from the action."

This mod adds an enclave for the Galaxy’s most trusted news source, Xenonion. Currently, the Enclave offers 3 options for agreements you can make with them – this may be expanded or altered in time:

  • Xenonion Premium Subscription – Gives everyone in your empire access to Xenonion’s ‘Premium’ offerings, distracting them from anything else you might be doing.
    – +250 max influence
    – +10% pop happiness
    – -25% diplomatic agreement upkeep
    – +10 base intel on other empires.
    Costs 10% of monthly energy income while active.
  • Xenonion Mind-Control Satellite Rental – As the primer news organization on the Galactic Stage, Xenonion News possesses vast armadas of stealthy orbital mind-control satellites. For the right price, you can rent them.
    – +1 influence a month
    – +150% government ethics attraction
    – -15% branch office cost
    – +250 max influence
    Costs 10% of monthly energy income while active.
  • Xenonion Sponsorship – After you have gained enough favor with them, Xenonion will accept a sponsorship from you, although they will not disclose sponsorships in their work. As a result, the perception of you, your empire, and your actions across the galaxy will greatly be improved.
    – +50 opinion from non-gestalt empires due to influence by Xenonion’s arrays of orbital mind control satellites
    – +25 opinion from gestalt empires due to Xenonion’s broadcasts
    – +10% diplomatic weight
    – +12.5% trade value
    – +12.5% trust growth
    Costs 20% of monthly energy income while active.


  • ipser – Art; Xenonion Editor
  • evalpenguin – Creator of the original mod
  • The24thDS – Developer of [3.0.*] New Enclaves ; Thank you for graciously allowing me to utilize some of your code in order to restore the functionality of this mod.
  • 541051227 – Creator and developer of Ancient Empire for allowing me to use altered versions of his event UI for news events, which will be added to the mod in the near future.

If you’d like to buy me some more caffeine to consume while working on this and/or other mods, feel free to drop in over at my Ko-Fi page[Ko-Fi.com].

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