The Star Swarm

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Author: Harmonically_Impaired

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My attempt at adding in the Star Swarm from Aurora 4x.

Q: What does it add?
A: The galaxy has been infested with several spacefaring bugs that rend planets apart for sustenance. At least 3 such creatures spawn; Queens, to be precise, but no more than 7 spread semi-randomly throughout the galaxy. Although they can produce smaller creatures as they consume resources, it typically takes decades to consume a system and most Star Swarm aren’t able to travel between systems.

Q: What happens when their system runs out of resources?
A: Well, as it turns out, Queens can travel between systems. Although they don’t bring their horde of monstrosities with them, they are able to summon Unstable Wormholes when they decide to settle down, allowing their spawn to reunite with them. If the spawn aren’t able to find their mother–she was killed or they didn’t notice the wormhole–they will instead try their best to survive off the bones of the system they’re in until, if ever, they find a new mother.

Q: Can we stop the Star Swarm from spreading?
A: Yes. It should, typically, take decades for even a full swarm to devour a system. Well, unless the system has few planets or is mostly made of asteroids. But nevertheless, as long as you don’t fight a full horde, it should be relatively easy for you to wipe out the Star Swarm, even more so if you prioritize the ship builders. Be aware that each ship you lose provides more resources for them to use, and each fleet that dies lets the Swarm feast on the remains–increasing their healing rate heavily. Be aware of taking on Queens unprepared too…

Q: Are there any new models?
A: Sadly, no. I’m not skilled enough to create models, nor does the game they come from have models.

Q: What’s up with all the errors?
A: Those should be mostly harmless. It turns out that if you kill a fleet with a fleet event tied to it, say trying to spawn ships every so often, the event still fires despite the fleet no longer existing, hence the errors.