The Infection

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Author: Harmonically_Impaired

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Note: Image is not owned by myself and is property of [Leafy Games, LLC] to represent a ship in their game [Pulsar: Lost Colony]. It will be replaced at their discretion.

Made this in some spare time I had. It adds in something like the Flood from the Halo franchise into the game as a crisis that can occur essentially anytime after the first 15 years, but will most likely occur at endgame.

Q: What does it do?
A: It adds in a ship that can appear after the first 15 years and some story events regarding it. Not that much, though. It occasionally provides research and certain breakthroughs, both of which include insights to pops. One of them might be a bit unbalanced, though. When the Infected eventually arrive, they will spawn ships every time they kill a ship, eventually accruing enough forces to become theoretically unstoppable. Because of how they spawn, how they function, and because a threat that stays the same throughout the game is uninteresting, each Infected grows stronger the older they get, so kill them quickly.

Q: Is there any new artwork/models?
A: No. The Infected use Scourge models and artwork is reused.

Q: Are there any new ship designs/weapons/components/tech/etc. in the game? Can they interact with planets?
A: No. This was made in spare time and will probably not change for a while. If Paradox decides to add a way to copy ship designs, though, that might change.

Q: Can you add more content? It seems bare-bones.
A: See above.